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Industrial Kneader

The Industrial Kneader is a machine for kneading cooked foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, squash, cassava, among other foods.

Excellent high production machine.

The kneading process is very fast. The result comes out instantly.  

The dough will automatically come out of one compartment and will separate the shells and other undesirable elements in another compartment of the Kneader.

Made of stainless steel Aisi 304 suitable for food.

Models / Capabilities

AI-150 / AI-300 / AI-500 / AI-750 / AI-1000 / AI-2000


- ​Accompanies 2 filters according to choice (consult)

-Made of stainless steel Aisi 304
- Quick clamp lid


-Speed controller / Speed inverter

- Automatic lid opening

-Additional filters



-1 year

-Custom support

-Personalized technical assistance

- Agility in service

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